Flight Of The Day!
Date: 9/18/2016
Pilot: Loc Pham
Glider: SGS 1-26B, SN 391

Description: This was Loc's first flight in the 1-26 and he sure picked a great day to do it - lift was everywhere.  Loc flew 'er for an hour and 48 minutes and got to 8300' msl!

YouTube Video Take a flight with us and experience the Joy Of Soaring!

You can also share the experience with another passenger in our Schwiezer 2-32 glider!

Introductory, orientation flights are offered for people of all ages who want to experience the Joy of Soaring, to fly without an engine - like a hawk. We often follow them - because they're always in the best lift! You'll be accompanied by one of our FAA Commercially Rated Pilots and you'll be able to spend your time enjoying what every glider pilot lives for!

Checkout our Youth Program.

Did you know that 14 year old Students Pilots who meet the requirements and have the authorization from an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, Glider can Solo a Glider? That's right, the FAA recognizes that young people who apply themselves and recieve the appropriate training and exhibit the skills and judgment to do so can fly a glider by themselves 2 before they cn drive a car alone.

LESC wants to foster this and has created a Youth Program where young pilots can earn while they learn. For each day they work the line, helping other pilots launch, recover and move thier gliders on the airport, the student will earn a free lesson and tow.

What's New at LESC
No Flight Operations the First Weekend of October

LESC's landlord, Skydive Elsinore will be holding thier annual Chick's Rock event the first weekend of October, as usual.  This event requires the use of the entire airport and as such, no glider flight operations will be conducted October 1 or 2, 2016.

However, we will still be holding out October Membership Meeting on Saturday, 10/01/2016, the agenda for which will be sent to the Membership the week prior.

Congratulations to Blake Poe

Blake Poe and Dan GudgelJoin me in congratulating LESC's newest Glider Pilot, Blake Poe.  He passed his Private Pilot, Glider Add On Practical Test with DPE, Dan Gudgel today. 

Make sure to give him a well-deserved "Job Well Done" the next time you see him at the airport.

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Congratulations to Captain Jeffery Winkler!

I just opened up SkyWest online and lookie what I see!!  Smile

Congratulations to Captain Jeffery Winkler on 30 Years!

Jeff Winkler

Congratulations to DEN ERJ Captain Jeffery Winkler, celebrating 30 years of dedicated service at SkyWest Airlines! 

Captain Winkler started his SkyWest career flying the “mighty Metro” in St. George, Utah. Before joining SkyWest, he gained experience flying C-130s in the Air Force Reserve. He later went on to work in Denver flying the Metro 3, eventually leading him to SGU.

About deciding to fly with SkyWest 30 years ago, Captain Winkler said, “At the time, I had done some interviews. After I got to SkyWest, an old memory came to me from a KC-135 driver who told me to start with a small carrier and hope it grows. I had a sense that was going to happen here, so I blew everything else off and decided to stick around. I look back on it and wonder, how did I get so lucky!”

What is it that Captain Winkler enjoys most about SkyWest? “The best thing is being with a carrier that makes money all the time and having few worries.” He continued, “I think I will stick around another five.” 

When not working, Captain Winkler enjoys running his airplane leasing business and “putting around” in his 1948 Cessna 140.

Thank you, Captain Winkler for the many great years you have contributed. Here's to many more!