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You can also share the experience with another passenger in our Schweizer 2-32 glider!

Gift Certificates Available

Introductory, orientation flights are offered for people of all ages who want to experience the Joy of Soaring, to fly without an engine - like a hawk. We often follow them - because they're always in the best lift! You'll be accompanied by one of our FAA Commercially Rated Pilots and you'll be able to spend your time enjoying what every glider pilot lives for!

LESC Members can fly our 2-32.

The 2-32 is a 17-meter sailplane and was once the world's highest-performance production multi-seater, and has been a prolific record-setter. In the late 1960’s and through the 1970’'s the design held many world and national records for speed over 100, 300 and 500 km courses, as well as a variety of distance, out-and-return and altitude records for both men and women.

Few of these gliders were produced, which makes them quite valuable and not generally available for use by Glider Pilots. However, LESC's Training Program makes this unique glider available to Members who successfully complete the program and qualify to fly this magnificent soaring icon.

Checkout our Youth Program.

Did you know that 14 year old Students Pilots who meet the requirements and have the authorization from an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, Glider can Solo a Glider? That's right, the FAA recognizes that young people who apply themselves and receive the appropriate training and exhibit the skills and judgment to do so can fly a glider by themselves 2 before they can drive a car alone.

LESC wants to foster this and has created a Youth Program where young pilots can earn while they learn. For each day they work the line, helping other pilots launch, recover and move their gliders on the airport, the student will earn a free lesson and tow.

What's New at LESC
Flight Of The Day!
Date: 07/01/2018
Pilot: Dan Watje
Glider: SGS 2-33A, N5790S

Dan did great today in only his 4th training flight ever.  There was good lift over the recent brun area and after some coaching on how to find and work thermals, Dan kept us up for an hour and 25 minutes.  

LESC's Newest Licensed Glider Pilot

Congratulations to Jason Schiffner on adding Commercial Glider to his Pilots license! 

Todd Thornton Completes his Bronze Badge

Congratulations to Todd Thornton for wrapping up his Bronze Badge today with the required accuracy landings.

Awesome job Todd!

Better Than Expected

I wasn’t expecting much when I looked out the window this morning at the overcast.  The mediocre (at best) soaring forecast didn’t give me much enthusiasm that we would be doing much more than extended sled rides today.

Boy, was I wrong!  The very first flight on the day saw significant bumps on tow and then 600-800 fpm lift to the low 4900' cloud base but it was very consistent all up and down the ridge.  We managed an almost 1 hour long flight, right out of the shoot and I thought that this might not be such a humble day after all.

After that, every flight that went up stayed up.  Lift was very strong and consistent to the now 6000’ cloud base and in fact, we had to take steps from going into the clouds as the lift was still cranking.  It’s such a sad feeling to be flying along with full spoilers and slip to get out from under the clouds.

In the end, the soaring was FAR better than forecast and in fact Tow Pilot Charlie Laird was getting bored sitting on the ground waiting for gliders to land.  Don’t let the weather guessers mediocre forecast keep you at home – you might miss some AWESOME soaring.

Weekend Forecast Update

Well the forecast I gave was apparently accurate enough.  Good turnout today and I know several people topped 10K MSL including Dirk (10,500 MSL) while giving a first time ride in the Krosno (launched around 12:30?), and yours truely in my Pilatus (also 10.5K, launch at 1:35).  Neither of us tried to top things out.  My friend Bill Sodequist topped 12K earlier in his hang glider by the towers before heading XC.  It was a bit breezy and some high clouds came in, but neither seemed to temper the lift.  I should probably quit now while I am batting 100% on predictions, but I think tomorrow (Sunday) will be as good or even better than today.  Wednesday is looking nice too but not as big as this weekend.  Come on out and get some.

Be aware that with the new SOP's and runway rules, launching your glider may take longer than usual, so plan ahead and maybe come out a little earlier, or expect some delays.  If everyone on the flight line is prepared and helps each other out, things will run more smoothly or more quickly.  I will stick my neck out and try to give a heads ups for more potentially promising days, from time to time, but there will be plenty of awesome days ahead, that I won't be watching for, so get out and fly either way.  Some of my most enjoyable or memorable flights have been on what should have been marginal or average days.

See you in the air, Alan